So what is concealer and what is it used for? It is a pigmented formula that works with your skin to cover any unwanted blemishes or imperfections. Perfect for those early morning tired eyes. There are endless uses for concealer, whether you have discolouration, dark circles, scars, the list goes on! Made a mistake with your eye makeup? Concealer is the perfect quick fix - saves time re-doing your whole look. Concealers can help sculpt your face and work with your contour, to elevate your natural facial structure. 

Applying Mineral Concealer

The different types of concealer.

Mineral Concealer

It has been around for the last 68 years and is still as popular as ever! Your makeup bag is never complete without a staple concealer. Many different types have been created since then, from the traditional liquid, to stick and cream. With constant developments over the years finding the right one for you can be difficult, that is why we recommend our Mineral Concealer.

Wondering about the difference between liquid and mineral concealer? Standard concealers can be full of harsh, harmful chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. Whereas, mineral concealers contain exactly what it’s called, minerals! Naturally occurring substances, good for our skin and the earth.  

The age-old question- What goes first, concealer or foundation? 

Our concealer can be used before or after applying your foundation, just to make things confusing! When you apply your concealer and the order you should put it on ultimately depends on the reason for applying. When you apply makeup to the under eye with foundation it can sit quite heavy and highlight all those fine lines. So for this area, it’s recommended to conceal first. But don’t forget to prep the area! We recommend our Mineral Miracle Veil ideal for minimising pores and giving you a perfect finish. However, for those pesky blemishes, makeup experts recommend that the face needs a base of foundation first then go in with the concealer. 

What about correcting concealers? This should be applied first so your foundation does less work! But make sure you blend, blend, blend no one wants green and yellow patches showing through. Corrector concealers are designed to neutralise skin tones. Our correctors include green for toning out redness and blemishes and yellow to brighten your complexion and reduce dark areas. 

Finding the perfect shade.Concealer Powder Swatches

You might be wondering “what concealer shade am I?” well this all depends on where it is being applied to. 

Let's talk through the different shades:

  • Light concealer- this is perfect for brightening areas of the skin like the under eye and the nose.
  • Concealer that matches your skin tone- this is ideal for blemishes and uneven skin tone as it matches your foundation.
  • Concealer darker than your skin tone- yes you heard right darker! This can be used to contour and sculpt your face 

How to apply concealer.

Now you know when and where to apply your concealer I bet your next question is how to do it. I know what you’re thinking. Who knew there were so many steps for using concealer? How to apply depends on the area you are applying it to. For under the eyes a little goes a long way, applying too much in this area can cause creases - but we’ll talk more about this in the next section. For pesky pimples, a stiff brush is always best as you can precisely target these areas and blend them out. 

Top tip: You can apply your concealer perfectly, and follow all the right steps but if you don’t powder as your final step in applying concealer it's not going to stay put! Choosing a good finishing powder to set your makeup in place couldn’t be more important!

Applying Powder to the Face

How to stop concealer from creasing.

The question you have been waiting for! It all depends on the area you're trying to prevent from creasing. For under the eyes a lightweight translucent powder is best, just so it doesn't sink into those fine lines. And use it sparingly. This goes for pimples too as when they dry out the powder can amplify this. When first applying your concealer be sure not to use too much as this can often be the cause of those annoying creases!

Top tip: Use a fluffy blending brush to apply the powder so just the right amount is used. 

Now you know what concealer is and the best way to apply it! Use this as a starting guide to find what best works for you and your skin type. Some of our recommendations may not work for you, experiment with different methods to find your perfect makeup routine.