What Do I Use To Remove Mineral Makeup?


How do I remove Mineral Makeup? How do I know that I have removed all of the makeup from my face? The worst feeling is waking up and still having makeup on! Sometimes people forget after a long day or maybe it’s just a case of not removing every trace. We all know it’s a horrible feeling that fills us with dread, praying not to wake up with black clogged pores and blemishes! I will be telling you the best ways to remove your makeup and how to be sure you have removed every trace! 

The first thing that people usually go for are makeup wipes, personally I wouldn’t recommend them! There's nothing wrong with them however I find that when wiping my face with them my skin very quickly becomes red and irritated!

Other ways of removing makeup as basic makeup removers such as micellar water. Using micellar water on round cotton pads makes removing eye makeup a lot easier! Another form of cleanser are oil based removers which break down your makeup so it easily slides right off your face! Whatever method you choose to use please remember to always wash your face as well, double cleaning is so important. For more information on double cleansing you can read our blog Should I Be Double Cleansing?