Tips for oily skin


Having oily skin is the worst! I suffer with oily skin and it has taken me a long time find the right products and tips that help me keep my oily skin under control. In this blog I'm going to be sharing my tips with you!


My first tip is simply washing your face. It's that easy, at least two to three times a week you should be using a gentle exfoliating scrub to wash your face. The exfoliating scrub will remove any oil and dirt that are clogging your pores, also the scrub will remove dead skin from the surface of your face leaving your skin smooth and clean. As well as exfoliating it's important to use a gentle face wash daily to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy especially on the days you won't be exfoliating!

When it comes to applying foundation it's important to make sure you prepare your skin first.Go and check out our How to Apply Mineral makeup blog to find out how to correctly prepare your skin before applying makeup. If you suffer with oily skin a mattifying primer is a must have in your makeup kit! The primer will soak up any oil already on your skin specifically your t-zone, ensuring you wont have that oily glow on your face once you have applied your foundation. The primer will also keep your makeup in place and reduce the look of pores, leaving you with a soft look.


If you don't have a mattifying primer in your kit then setting powders will be your best friends! Once you have applied your foundation you need to set it in place with a setting powder, this will stop your makeup from looking patchy and uneven. Setting powders also absorb facial oils and gives you a soft matte finish. NCinc's Miracle Veil Powder is exactly what you need! If you read our How to Apply Mineral makeup blog you can read about the benefits of our Miracle Veil!


Touching up your makeup through out the day is where it all goes wrong! When you are going about your day and notice patches of foundation missing, the instant reaction is to add another layer right? That's the worst thing to do! Adding another layer will only be a quick fix and it will leave you with that cakey appearance that no one wants. The best thing to do is to not apply thick layers of foundation when you are first applying makeup. Rather than adding another layer of foundation or concealer use a translucent powder to touch up your make up and to keep the shiny oily under control!