Cruelty Free Vegan & Organic UK Made Cosmetics

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  1. The organic life of mineral makeup

    The organic life of mineral makeup

    When we are looking to buy cosmetic products, we always prefer to go ahead with the organic options available out there. Thats because organic products are in a position to deliver the results we expect, without leading us to any negative side effects. If you are looking for such organic makeup products, you can take a look at what is offered by NC-INC.

    Specialists in offering organic makeup, NC-INC is making organic makeup products through all-natural ingredients. The team has partnered with the best suppliers, who offer quality makeup products without any harsh chemicals. They also do quality controls and quality checks on the makeup products before they are made available to the customers. Due to the same reason, you can go ahead, and purchase makeup products offered by NC-INC without k

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  2. A peek into the vegan life with NC-INC 

    A peek into the vegan life with NC-INC 

    If you are trying to enhance your good looks with beauty products, you have two main options available to consider. You can either go ahead with beauty products made out of synthetic ingredients, or you can settle down with the vegan beauty products. Out of these two options, we highly encourage you to take a look at the vegan beauty products such as the ones offered by NC-INC.

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  3. Everything you need to know about NC-INC foundation. 

    Everything you need to know about NC-INC foundation. 

    If you are looking for a lightweight foundation, you can take a look at our mineral foundation. It has been able to receive lots of positive attention from satisfied customers. Hence, it is worthy to take a look at this product and figure out all the good things that come along with it.  

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  4. Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup

    Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup 

    When you are about to buy makeup products from the market, you will figure out that it is possible for you to divide what is available into two main categories as mineral makeup and normal cosmetic makeup. You should make an informed decision out of these two options. Then you can end up buying the best makeup available for sale out there.

    Mineral makeup is not something new to this world. We can find lots of evidence to prove the fact that people have been using mineral makeup for thousands of years. For example, both men and women who lived back in ancient Egyptian times used mineral makeup to retain their appealing looks. Mineral makeup is made out of all-natural ingredients. In other words, all the ingredients used for the production of mineral makeup are naturally sourced. Hence, you will not be exposing your skin to any harsh chemicals with the use

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  5. Festive looks with NC-INC

    Festive looks with NC-INC

    Christmas is around the corner and you must be looking forward to getting the festive looks and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. However, some of the ladies don't have a clear understanding of how to go for the perfect festive looks. That's why we thought of sharing this guide, which can help you with getting the best party products for the upcoming Christmas. You can go through this blog and understand how to get the best festive looks. Then you can attend any Christmas party or family gathering with your best looks.

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  6. Why choose NC-INC for Christmas

    Why choose NC-INC for Christmas 

    Christmas is around the corner. It’s the time to take a break from our busy schedules and focus more on our beauty. That's where we can help you. You can find numerous beauty products available for sale at NC-INC. Before you buy them, let’s figure out the benefits of buying our products for the upcoming Christmas. 


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  7. How to figure out your skin type

    How to figure out your skin type


    Not all skin is the same. Products that work for my skin might not work for yours. Puzzling? The answer is we have different skin types. What this means to you is the skin care products that benefit my skin might actually be bad for yours. There are five basic skin types:

    • Sensitive Skin
    • Dry Skin
    • Combination Skin
    • Oily Skin
    • Maturing Skin
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