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  1. Beauty tips for beginners in mineral makeup

    Beauty tips for beginners in mineral makeup

    Mineral makeup can provide much-needed assistance to you with enhancing your good looks. If this is the very first time that you are going to use mineral makeup, you will have numerous questions in your mind to clarify. This is why we thought of sharing this helpful guide with you. You can get to know about the best mineral makeup tips that beginners should be aware of, so that they will be able to receive the best possible results at the end of the day.

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  2. Why is it better to apply mineral foundation while we have to wear masks?

    Why is it better to apply mineral foundation while we have to wear masks?


    As you wear face masks when going out, makeup might seem unnecessary. However, you should continue to stick to it as a part of your beauty routine as it will always make you look and feel good. However, we often see how women face struggles with makeup when they wear face masks. If you are a woman who goes through struggles like that, you should think about applying mineral foundation.

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  3. Makeup trends you disliked

    Makeup trends you disliked

    Makeup trends come and go along with time. You would not like all the makeup trends that pop up. This has happened to you in the past as well. Lets take a look at some of the makeup trends that you disliked. These makeup trends are not so popular as of now and we can assume that it happened mainly because people didnt like them.

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  4. The organic life of mineral makeup

    The organic life of mineral makeup

    When we are looking to buy cosmetic products, we always prefer to go ahead with the organic options available out there. Thats because organic products are in a position to deliver the results we expect, without leading us to any negative side effects. If you are looking for such organic makeup products, you can take a look at what is offered by NC-INC.

    Specialists in offering organic makeup, NC-INC is making organic makeup products through all-natural ingredients. The team has partnered with the best suppliers, who offer quality makeup products without any harsh chemicals. They also do quality controls and quality checks on the makeup products before they are made available to the customers. Due to the same reason, you can go ahead, and purchase makeup products offered by NC-INC without k

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  5. Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup

    Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup 

    When you are about to buy makeup products from the market, you will figure out that it is possible for you to divide what is available into two main categories as mineral makeup and normal cosmetic makeup. You should make an informed decision out of these two options. Then you can end up buying the best makeup available for sale out there.

    Mineral makeup is not something new to this world. We can find lots of evidence to prove the fact that people have been using mineral makeup for thousands of years. For example, both men and women who lived back in ancient Egyptian times used mineral makeup to retain their appealing looks. Mineral makeup is made out of all-natural ingredients. In other words, all the ingredients used for the production of mineral makeup are naturally sourced. Hence, you will not be exposing your skin to any harsh chemicals with the use

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  6. How to be eco-friendly with your makeup

    How to be eco-friendly with your makeup

    Looking to make your beauty routine more planet-friendly? From excessive, non-recyclable packaging to its lack of transparency over ingredients and ethical practices, the beauty industry isn’t exactly known for being particularly eco-friendly. It’s been a longtime coming, but thanks to an increased awareness beauty is finally waking up, with more consumers demanding cleaner, sustainably packaged beauty products. But how do you make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly?

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  7. 3 essential NC-INC must haves in your make-up bag.


    3 essential NC-INC must haves in your make-up bag.


    Lets your skin breathe a sigh of relief. Mineral make-up is often associated with not being able to achieve a finish that’s as smooth as traditional, non-mineral based formulas – but there are a few options that refute this. They obviously havent tried our 3 NC-INC essentials!

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    Your pumpkins are carved, your fake spider webs are spread around your house, but have you chosen a Halloween costume yet? We always wait until the very last minute to decide on our costume (we're human, after all) and that means sometimes we have to create looks using the makeup we already have in our cosmetics bag!
    Using the clean, cruelty-free makeup we know and love, doesn't mean we can't have a fun, on-trend costume makeup! Here are four amazing Halloween makeup looks created from real life lovers of NC-INC. 
    We are loving all of the makeup looks being created! We spoke to We spoke to two makeup masters who have creating some scary looks! 
     Jessi said “ Using the NC-INC finishing powder to set the liquide latex is the best flawless finish! It blends the makeup perfectly!” 
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  9. Prowedding tips when using mineral makeup

    Pro-wedding tips when using mineral makeup.


    2020 will be the year where individuality will be embraced, especially when it comes to makeup and creating the best version of YOU! There are endless details involved in the ever-complicated wedding planning process and many decisions that have to be made for the big day. An easy one to check off the list is using mineral makeup for your bridal look. Memories fade, but pictures last forever! Be photo-ready with high quality makeup products. As a bride the last thing on your mind is the makeup! Your headspace is doing overtime on seating arrangements, florists or even the dress! Mosts brides leave this till last minute but ic ant stress how important the brides makeup can be! Its make or break for photos! Fair skin can be a beautiful feature, but with the wrong make up it can draw a lot of attention--

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  10. Why Should You Switch to Mineral Makeup?

    Why Should You Switch to Mineral Makeup?


    With the beauty industry getting bigger and better as the years go on. Each year, there are plenty of innovative and creative beauty products that are being introduced to the cosmetics market. With the crazy demand for makeup it also seems to be rising in popularity for the products to be vegan, natural and to have a reputation as a healthier, greener, and more ethical alternative to traditional beauty products. WE ARE LOVING IT! You may begin to wonder: “Should I switch to mineral makeup?” To help you answer that question, below are some facts and reasons why you should switch to natural mineral makeup.

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