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  1. Makeup Looks Inspired By Movie Characters


    Find your favorite movie character here and recreate their look!

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  2. How To Make Your Face Look Good On Camera

    beautiful woman taking selfie on phone

    Do you want to look good on camera? We got you!

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  3. Overly Hyped Makeup Products You Should Avoid

    portrait of a beautiful young woman

    Take note of the following skincare and makeup products to avoid!

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  4. TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth The Hype

    attractive woman watching on her phone

    Discover some of the most popular Beauty Trends on TikTok nowadays!

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  5. Makeup Looks To Compliment Hooded Eyes

    womans eye with black eye makeup

    Do you have hooded eyes? Read more for some makeup looks!

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  6. How To Apply Bronzer To Suit Your Face Shape

    How To Apply Bronzer To Suit Your Face Shape

    Bronzer can help you to add warmth to your face to achieve a sun-kissed glow, help your skin to look healthy and radiant, and also even out your skin tone. Although bronzer is not the same as contour, it can still be used to accentuate your best features. Placing your bronzer in specific areas of your face creates different effects. By understanding your face shape and features, you can place your bronzer in the areas that most suit your face shape, and showcase your best features. 

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  7. How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes

    How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes


    The perfect eyeliner can elevate any eye look. Whether you choose a bold, dramatic eyeliner or a softer, blended eyeliner, it’s important to consider what eyeliner style best suits your eye shape. The shape of your eyeliner can significantly change your eye shape so it’s important to experiment and see what liner suits you best and what overall look you want to achieve. There are a few different common eye shapes, and it may be that you have a combination of a couple of them. 

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  8. How To Colour Correct Like a Pro Makeup Artist

    How To Colour Correct Like a Pro Makeup Artist

    Colour-correcting is a makeup technique that uses colour theory to determine which colour concealer will neutralise any imperfections and balance out your skin tone. It’s a great way to cover up any dark under-eye circles, or redness, leaving your skin flawless! 


    If you look at a colour wheel, you will be able to find out which colour-corrector will work best for which area. Colours that are opposite e

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  9. Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup

    Mineral vs Normal Cosmetic Makeup 

    When you are about to buy makeup products from the market, you will figure out that it is possible for you to divide what is available into two main categories as mineral makeup and normal cosmetic makeup. You should make an informed decision out of these two options. Then you can end up buying the best makeup available for sale out there.

    Mineral makeup is not something new to this world. We can find lots of evidence to prove the fact that people have been using mineral makeup for thousands of years. For example, both men and women who lived back in ancient Egyptian times used mineral makeup to retain their appealing looks. Mineral makeup is made out of all-natural ingredients. In other words, all the ingredients used for the production of mineral makeup are naturally sourced. Hence, you will not be exposing your skin to any harsh chemicals with the use

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  10. Why choose NC-INC for Christmas

    Why choose NC-INC for Christmas 

    Christmas is around the corner. It’s the time to take a break from our busy schedules and focus more on our beauty. That's where we can help you. You can find numerous beauty products available for sale at NC-INC. Before you buy them, let’s figure out the benefits of buying our products for the upcoming Christmas. 


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