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  1. Our Top 5 Easy Eyeliner Looks.


    Struggling to do eyeliner? Here we will cover our top 5 easy eyeliner looks and how to do them step by step! You will soon know which eyeliner look is best for you and how to do it perfect every time. 

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  2. How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes

    How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes


    The perfect eyeliner can elevate any eye look. Whether you choose a bold, dramatic eyeliner or a softer, blended eyeliner, it’s important to consider what eyeliner style best suits your eye shape. The shape of your eyeliner can significantly change your eye shape so it’s important to experiment and see what liner suits you best and what overall look you want to achieve. There are a few different common eye shapes, and it may be that you have a combination of a couple of them. 

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  3. How to apply Mineral Eyeliner

    How to apply Mineral Eyeliner

    Mineral eyeliner is different from other eyeliners because it comes in a loose powder form. How do I apply loose powder eyeliner? The application of applying mineral eyeliner will take a little longer because you will be using smaller strokes. After a bit of practice and following my guide you will be an expert in no time!The first thing to remember is to take your time! Because you are working with powder you won’t be able to just quickly apply it to your lash line. The best brush to use is a flat angled brush to achieve sleek neat lines, before you start you will need to dampen your brush. The damp brush will help the mineral powder to adhere to your brush for an easier application!

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  4. How to apply mineral eye makeup

    How to apply mineral eye makeup

    Most if not all of you are used to using compressed eyeshadow in a pan. The thought of using an eyeshadow that is loose powder can be scary, especially thinking of the fallout! If not done correctly applying Mineral eyeshadow can be very messy and ruin any base makeup you apply. Follow my easy tips to apply Mineral Eyeshadow and you will be an expert in no time!



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  5. How to cover acne scars with Mineral Makeup

    How to cover acne scars with Mineral Makeup


    Loving makeup and suffering with acne or acne scars is such a big battle! Finding makeup formulas that really work with bumpy red skin is difficult! Everyone's skin is different, it’s frustrating when you aren’t able to cover acne with your foundation or you apply so much that your skin dries out and becomes flaky.

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  6. Autumn Tips!

    Autumn Tips!


    Goodbye summer, hello Autumn! Who doesn't love Autumn? The dark cold nights and pumpkin spice lattes. My favourite thing about Autumn is the changing colours of the leaves, the orange and browns give me the best inspiration for Autumn makeup looks.  It's time to ditch the bright eye-shadow and lipsticks, I'm ready to see dark smokey looks! In this blog I am going to be giving you some makeup tips as well as overall skin care tips for the cooler weather. If you have never attempted an Autumn look, you can go and check out our blog Easy Mineral Makeup Look For Autumn With NCinc Products.

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