Reasons Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup

In today's blog I will be telling you why you should ditch your old makeup and switch over to Mineral Makeup! Mineral Makeup has completely changed how I feel about makeup. Before I used to think that I looked terrible as an oily skin sufferer I could never get to foundation to look flawless, now I wear Mineral Makeup every day and my skin looks and feels great!

It’s true Mineral makeup can be worn by everyone, no matter what type of skin you have or your age! NCInc’s Mineral Formulas are all specifically made to work with all different types. Yes even those of you who have dry skin! You might be thinking there's no way powder makeup can work for someone who has dry skin? But it does! For makeup tips for dry skin, read our blog post Tips for dry skin.

Mineral Makeup Is Cruelty Free. It is our promise to you that we do not test on animals! NCInc are against animal testing and animal cruelty. All of our ingredients are safe and pure to use on the skin. Our makeup is also suitable for vegans and is organic!

NCInc’s Makeup Is Safe For Sensitive skin. Suffering with sensitive or skin conditions such as Roscea, can make it a challenge to find a suitable makeup formula that will not only work well with your skin but will not cause any further damage or irritation. NCInc’s formulas are free from fragrances which is a big cause for irritation on injured/ sensitive skin. You can find all of NCInc’s ingredients are on our website!

Longer shelf life. As we all know all makeup has an expiry date and when that day comes you must throw it away to protect your skin! However Mineral makeup has a longer shelf life than other foundations for example liquid foundation. The reason for this is because NCInc’s mineral makeup doesn’t contain any ingredients that will grow bacteria to grow inside the formula. You really get your money's worth!

Do you want to try Mineral Makeup?