Our Best Sellers

These are the best seller products that we have on our website.

Take a look here at what sells and why we think they do.



1 – Mineral Foundation Single 8g.

This mineral foundation is amazing as it has an amazing full coverage with a beautifully natural, flawless finish. It is great for anyone as it is vegan, organic, cruelty free and amazingly suitable for all and every skin type out there. 

Oily, dry or a combination of both, this foundation will be amazing on you and give you the beautiful flawless finish that you always want.

This is very lightweight so it is easily buildable, you can put layers on layers and you wont feel like you have a face caked in makeup.

The formula that we use if perfect for people who have sensitive skin or acne prone skin as it is naturally sourced and free from all harmful additives.

It comes in 8 different shades for all skin colours and 4 of those are our top best sellers.

Our top seller is the warm one. Second is the beige. Third is the Fair 2 and Fourth is the Light Tan foundation.

2 – Kabuki Brush.

This amazing kabuki brush is our 5th best seller. The size of this brush is 6cm x 3cm so you can easily take it anywhere and for the price of only £6.99 who wouldn’t want one!

It’s made of nylon so the feel of it on your face is so soft and it will cover your face with any of your makeup very evenly.

When you buy a kabuki brush it comes with your own little pouch to keep your brush in!