Here Are Our Top 5 Eyeliner Looks.

Eyeliner is used to define the eyes, it is the make or break of a makeup look, whether you're bold and daring with it or a simple wing, it can complement whatever look you are going for. It has been around for over 2000 years, not to forget even Cleopatra rocked bold eyeliner.

Eyeliner can help make the eyes look bigger, smaller or just stand out. Find what works best for you and what look you are trying to achieve. Here we have our top 5 easy eyeliner looks for beginners. We’re going to start off with the basics. Showing you that anyone can learn how to do even the most intricate eyeliner, all it takes is practice!

Applying Eyeliner

1. Winged Eyeliner

The classic timeless liner, but how to do it? There are many different ways to do winged eyeliner finding the right one for you can be tricky, follow these easy steps to help find the right shape for you:

  1. Grab your Mineral Eyeliner and a thin angled brush and draw an extended line from the outer corner of the eye almost inline with the end of your eyebrows. This line can be as long or as short as you want! Experiment here by drawing the line from different angles, it doesn’t have to be in line with your eyebrows!
  2. Next, you want to place the brush where this line ends and draw a line that comes inwards all the way to the inner corner of the eye. Doing this in one quick sweep can be difficult so stop at any point and just continue the line. Top tip: always start off with thin lines that you can build upon.
  3. Once you have your perfect winged shape fill in the gap so there is no skin poking through. And that's all it takes to create the perfect winged eyeliner!

2. Cat Eyeliner

Cat eyeliner is very similar to winged eyeliner, with the only differences including a thicker wing extending to both the bottom and top lash line. This is the eyeliner style Cleopatra pulled off!

  1. For cat eyeliner, use the winged eyeliner steps to get the basic outline and shape you want.
  2. Then, once you have created your perfect winged eyeliner, you want to extend the liner from the base of the wing under the bottom lashes. This line can go all the way into the inner corner of the eye or blend out at any point.

3. Fox eyeliner

Fox Eyeliner

Fox eyeliner is one of the newest eyeliner trends, it creates an elongated, almond-shaped eye resembling a fox’s eye.

  1. When doing fox eyeliner you can follow the basic winged eyeliner steps. However, when drawing the line on the top eyelid it is important to stop around 3/4 of the way. Approximately inline with the pupil. This helps create the perfect fox eye.
  2. Then in the inner corner of the eye create a tiny v shape and extend it slightly to resemble a fox’s eye. And there you go! You’re all finished!

4. Eyeliner on the Lower Lid

When applying eyeliner to the lower lid, ensure the lines are kept thin. No one wants black eyeliner under their eyes that resembles dark circles!

  1. Take a small amount of eyeliner on the brush and work the line from the outer corner to approximately 3/4 of the way down the lower lid.
  2. Start to blend this line out to naturally define the eyes. But be careful, too much blending can cause gray shadows, again creating the look of dark circles.
  3. If you think the eyes are becoming dark and dull, grab a cotton bud or makeup wipe and wipe away excess blending. Top tip: When you have wiped away any eyeliner errors you can always clean up these eyeliner mistakes with Mineral Concealer!

5. Smokey Eyeliner

Smokey eyeliner can seem easy just blending out the liner, right? You’re almost there… Adding too much product can cause, to put it simply, a messy eye rather than a smokey eye. Using a very pigmented eyeliner can be daunting to some but with our Mineral Eyeliner you can easily build upon the colour.

  1. First you want to create a subtle normal winged eyeliner. Top Tip: Using tape can help create the perfect wing shape for a smokey eyeliner look.
  2. Once you have created the perfect shape grab a small blending brush, like the one available in our 7pc Brush Set, and start to blend upwards into the eyelid to create a smokey effect. If more product is needed add small amounts of the eyeliner to the brush to help blend the eyeliner out.
  3. Tidy up any areas as needed and voilà! An easy smokey liner.

Smokey Eyeliner

These are our top 5 easy eyeliner looks, but don’t leave it here, be bold and get creative with your eyeliner! Eyeliner styles can look different on everyone as no two people have the same eye shape, some people have hooded eyes, round, up or downturned, the list goes on. Just find what works best for you! And just remember all it takes is practice and soon you can be a pro at eyeliner.