Certain timeless makeup looks never go out of style. How we use and how we put on makeup has evolved dramatically over the last couple of centuries. We've seen such a lot of cosmetic fads, from pencil-thin eyebrows in the 1930s to lashings of mascara popularized by Twiggy in the 1960s. While certain trends are better left in the past, others have just become legendary and continue to influence our beauty looks today, both on and off the runway.

Whether you like 70s makeup or simply want to try some lovely, simple styles, you'll discover plenty of ideas for your cosmetic kit below. With these selections, take a journey down the memory lane and enjoy the key beauty highlights from each decade

The 1920S: Smoky Eyes and Crimson Lips

The Roaring Twenties were indeed a time of glitz and glamour when women's freedom encouraged them to push the bounds of beauty. Several Americans particularly young women went to cities at the beginning of the century, but it was then that beauty flourished, with the prevailing rule being that more is absolutely more.

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The 1930S: Skinny Brows and Pancake Foundation

Hollywood dominated the '30s, with starlets like Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, and Mae West all adopting pencil-thin eyebrows that were copied by everybody, regardless of natural brow form. What's the gimmick? Get rid of your eyebrows and create a thin upwards line that extended beyond the length of your natural brow. The greatest foundations of the period, on the other hand, were focused on generating a matte, full-coverage result. Max Factor's pancake foundation, which was first introduced in 1937, is the best selection.

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The 1940S: Ruby Red Lipstick

Women began working in a factory and on farmland that had previously been operated by males throughout WWII. Because of their new duties, they needed to keep their makeup modest and minimal—a choice informed by the cosmetics restrictions. Despite this, rich ruby-red lips were still fashionable, and in the United States, they were even deemed necessary for maintaining morale: and with good purpose, since natural cosmetics with lipstick have since set themselves as an iconic, timeless style.

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The 1950S: Natural Glamour and Winged Eyeliner

The 1950s were known as the "golden era of cosmetics," and they were all about postwar glitz. Marilyn Monroe popularized wing eyeliner, while Audrey Hepburn made a compelling case for brows that were fuller and more natural. Cream foundations were essential for achieving that flawless 'masked' look, while lipsticks shifted from ruby red to gentler shades of pink and peaches. 

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The 1960S: Graphic Eyes and Creamy Lips

The era's recreational hedonism was reflected in the makeup trends of the 1960s. The youngsters were the driving force behind a revolutionary era in which short skirts, high heels, loud music, and vibrant art blossomed. Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, models of the era, helped to make London the fashion capital of the world. They became the face of the "London style," which meant that all attention was on the eyes: thick layers of mascara, fake eyelashes, and painted-on bottom lashes were the norm.

Eye contouring became more fashionable, with a pale shadow applied over the lids, followed by a black line down the inner crease and the lashes. To draw attention to the eyes, the lips were maintained creamy and colourless.

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The 1970S: Glittery Shadow and Lip Gloss

In the 1970s, cosmetics started to deteriorate in the wake of the women's liberation movement. The overall makeup aesthetic of the 1970s was either natural/girl-next-door or disco-style. To get that youthful, sunbaked look, bronzer, cream eye makeup, highlight, and gloss were all used. Dazzling shades were favoured on the eyes, while gloss was a must on the lips.

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The 1980S: Bright and Powerful

The 80s cosmetics message was: the bolder and the brighter, the better. The '80s had seen the end of the subdued, muted colours of the previous decade, and the beginning of vivid, colour-clashing cosmetics, which may be attributed to the expanding economy. Madonna, Diana Ross, and Joan Collins all wore neon lipstick and a spectrum of pigment-rich eye makeup. Nothing was excessive. MAC Cosmetics, which debuted in 1984, made highly pigmented formulas in a variety of vivid hues widely available.

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The 1990S: Grayish Eye Makeup and Brownish Lips

As we drifted away from the brilliant, flamboyant colours of the 1980s, less was clearly more in the 1990s. Various classic trends have since evolved in their stead. Glam looks like frosty brown lipstick, blue-grey eyeshadow, tiny eyebrows, gloss, and sparkles were all popular in the 1990s, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, and Drew Barrymore were among the It girls of the time.


The 2000S: Smoky and Heavy Kohl Look

Celebrities have had a significant impact on the cosmetics trends of the 2000s. Eyeliner was commonly combined with a strong smoky eye shadow makeup to give the eyes a considerably more dramatic look. The 1990s trends of pastel makeup, glossy lips, and contrasting lip liner have all found their way into the present. The frosted lip look, which comprised a metallic, high-shine lip gloss applied over a nude lipstick, was a smash.


The 2010S: Bold Brows and Insta-Glam

Thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne, slender arches are being replaced with huge brow vigour. Cara's powerful brows have become the decade's beauty craze after she landed her first haute couture campaign with Burberry in 2012. Models and cosmetic enthusiasts alike laid down their tweezers and rushed to the pencils, pomades, and brushes to mimic those big, masculine brows. It was also an Instagram era, with the rise of social media and the accompanying influence of selfies forcing us to grasp how to contour, as well as baking and cut-crease eye makeup procedures from beauty experts like NikkiTutorials and Patrick Starr.


The 2020S: Glowy Natural Skin and Lovely Contour

The focus of the 2020s so far has been on glowing, lovely skin. Because we've spent a good portion of two years in and out of lockdowns due to the epidemic, everyone has put a lot of thought into our skin's condition. As a consequence, we're looking for delicate textures, balmy highlighters, and the finest cream blushers to showcase our new glow.



It's fascinating how makeup has changed throughout the decades, with new iconic looks being created all the time. While iconic makeup looks have come and gone over the years, there are definitely some that have managed to stand the test of time. So, whether you're a fan of the classic cat-eye or prefer a more natural look, be sure to try out some of these iconic makeup looks from every decade! What will be the next big thing in makeup? Only time will tell!