How to set mineral makeup

Whatever the occasion whether it’s a shopping trip or going for a night out we all want our makeup to last and look as flawless as it did when we first applied it! There is nothing worse when you leave the house with a flawless full face of makeup and 3 hours into your day you see patches of uneven foundation or your concealer has creased under your eye! I’m hoping that with some tips on setting Mineral Makeup I can help your makeup stay put throughout the day!

The key is to set your makeup correctly never leave the house without setting your makeup, your makeup will start to slide off your skin straight away especially if you have oily skin! Once you have applied your base which will be your foundation and concealer always use a finishing powder! The finishing powder will make sure that your makeup will stay where it should be! Apply a generous layer all over your face, blending gently to make sure you don’t ruin your foundation underneath!

Areas such as under the eyes, around the mouth and your nose are the places where your makeup is likely to separate and appear uneven. To stop this I recommend to use an extra layer of powder especially under the eye to stop creasing. If you suffer with oily skin I recommend that you use NCinc’s Miracle veil, it’s formula is designed to absorb any excess moisture in your skin.I hate having a shiny t-zone to avoid this I carry NCinc’s Miracle Veil around with me and if I notice a patch starting to look shiny I apply a very small layer to absorb the oil! This instantly stops my makeup from sliding off my oily areas and keeps the makeup in place.