How to reduce the appearance of pores.

After taking off your makeup or washing your face have you looked at your pores? You may notice they are small or more noticeable. While in the skin care isle you may have noticed toners that will shrink your pores, sadly that's not possible! However using the right products and methods you can reduce the appearance of them. In this blog I will be giving you a helpful tip to achieve smaller looking pores!

Your pores will appear to look larger because they are clogged with dirt, making them more noticeable. The areas on your face you may be able to see your pores are on your nose and under your eye right next to your nose. The best way to reduce the appearance of your pores is by exfoliating 2-3 times a week, I recommend no more than this as over exfoliating will damage your skin! Your pores are full of dead skin, oil and bacteria, exfoliating will remove all of the dirt that has been stretching your pores. Leaving you with healthier and cleaner skin! After exfoliating I would suggest that you invest in a pore toner. The toner helps to tighten your pores and stop any dirt and bacteria from being pushed in to them.It's very important that you avoid using makeup products with heavy oils. The oil, along with bacteria will be pushed in to your pores building up bacteria that will quickly clog them. Mineral makeup however is free from oil, containing only natural ingredients to protect those pores!