How To Mix Moisturiser With Mineral Makeup

For many of you who live for the dewy makeup look I know what you are thinking, how will I achieve a dewy foundation look with loose mineral powder? I also know those of you who suffer with dry/ flaky skin are thinking that powder makeup is your worst nightmare and will end in disaster, but it wont! NCinc formulas are specially formulated to work with all kinds of skin types. Obviously if someone put on many layers of something it will begin to look cakey and it will dry out your skin. This is the case for any type of makeup!

If you want hydration throughout the day then applying moisturiser is what you need to do! Before applying your mineral foundation apply a generous layer of moisturiser to your face and let it soak into your skin! This will give you the dewy look you are after and your face will stay hydrated all day!

Ncinc’s products will not leave your skin feeling dry and looking flaky, quite the opposite! Our products are lightweight but full coverage. Our formulas give you the freedom of building up your layers, you can have sheer or full coverage foundation! If you want more information on preparing your skin for mineral makeup you should go and read out makeup blog