How to make mineral makeup stay on all day?

Mineral makeup just like any other makeup will stay put depending on the way you prepare your skin! Mineral makeup is great because the formula will work with any skin type that you may have. I know that oily skin sufferers worry about the formula separating on their face throughout the day as I have this problem myself. Dry skin sufferers know it’s a struggle to find foundation formulas that won’t leave you with bits of skin flaking off your face and leaving blemishes uncovered because of uneven application!

First of all you need to establish what type of skin you have, some people have combination skin and do not notice, making foundation shopping a pain. Knowing your skin and preparing for the day ahead will determine how long your makeup lasts. If you suffer with dry skin make sure to exfoliate your skin and apply a facial moisturiser to your face before you apply your foundation, you could also use a hydrating primer to keep your face hydrated throughout the day steering clear or flaky skin.

If you have oily skin make sure to use NCinc’s miracle veil, our formula is designed to soak up any excess oil and moisture on the face. Carrying this around with you while you go about your day will be a lifesaver! Anytime you see a shine on your face apply some of our Miracle Veil powder and absorb the excess oil on your face. Using these products will help your makeup last all day.