How to highlight your face using NCinc’s Highlighter

Highlighter is the finishing touch that completes a makeup look with a shimmering glow. I’m sure that most of you have tried many different types of highlighter; Jelly, pressed powder and even liquid drops! But have you ever tried loose powder highlighter? You may be thinking that applying loose powder after you have applied a full face of makeup will be a challenge. Follow my easy guide and you will have no problems!If you are new to highlighting let's start with where to apply the product. Everyone has different preferences as to where they like their glow to sit. Please don’t think that you have to apply highlighter to all of these areas, apply the highlighter to where you think it suits you best! Highlighter typically sits above the cheekbones, under your eyebrow, the inner corner of your eyes, bridge of your nose and cupid's bow.

To apply collect a small amount of product on the brush, tap off any excess and blend in small circular motions. If you want a more intense glow just dip back into the highlighter and repeat the process until you’re happy with how it looks!