How To Get A Flawless Natural Look

The Glow Getter set focuses on giving you a flawless and healthy glow while still wearing the makeup you want.

Our foundation and miracle veil for full coverage, highlighter and bronzer for the 'glow'.



So what does a Glow Getter need?


Miracle Veil

Our amazing miracle veil is translucent and you wear this under or over your makeup. It absorbs all your oils and moisture and creates a softer look so you won’t appear oily throughout the day. Wearing it over your makeup will reduce the appearance of your pores, fine lines or wrinkles.


Mineral Foundation

Every glow needs a solid full coverage base, with our foundation that only has naturally sourced ingredients in, you’ll get that along with your flawless finish. It doesn’t cling to the dry places of your face no matter what skin type you have. It sets as a light coverage and won’t look oiling or shiny which is great when you are going for a natural look.

Mineral Concealer

Want to cover up those dark circles? Well now you can with our amazing mineral concealer. This concealer is designed to brighten up your face with just a little powder! It is also amazing for active acne or acne scars, just use a small amount and it will cover up whatever you need to cover! With your concealer covering your dark circles and more you will have a much more natural and healthy glow.

Top tip - Concealer is also a great base for your beautiful eyeshadow!



Our amazing bronzer gives you the beautiful look of a tan all year round! NCINC Mineral Bronzer is high pigmented and easy to blend meaning it will be a nice soft look when blended in. When you’re going for a natural look this is a perfect touch to that giving you that sun kissed appearance. 


Illuminating Highlighter

Why would you not want a highlighter that’s illuminating in every way possible! This powder will brighten and highlight your complexion which gives you a beautiful healthy glow. Applying this to your cheeks will give you a stunning, shimmering glow to brighten your whole face. For more of a glow apply it to your nose, cupid's bow, corners of your eyes and under your eyebrows and make your features really pop.

Finishing Powder

Everyone needs some good finishing powder, our translucent powder is an amazing silky but soft formula. It is weightless and breathable when worn on top of your foundation so you don’t feel like your skin is full of different layers! This powder creates a matte finish and will make sure all your makeup stays in place!


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