How to find your perfect foundation shade!


One of the biggest struggles within the makeup world as we all know is finding the right foundation shade. No one wants a big orange line along their jawline and a pale white neck, that is a no go! Isn’t it just the worst when you think you’ve found the right shade but you end up looking like a pale ghost? I myself am very fair skinned, meaning I always go to the lightest shades but end up looking as white as a sheet! But it doesn't end there, finding the right formula is tricky too. Some foundations can make your skin look flaky, oily or patchy. Many people who are just learning about mineral makeup may dread the thought of finding their right shade because it’s hard enough finding liquid foundation shade, so wouldn't it be just as hard or even harder with loose powder? Well it’s not, I find it a lot easier to find a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly with the help of NCinc’s colour guide.

NCinc’s foundation has a selection of 8 shades to suit any skin tone, finding your perfect shade is so easy! When you purchase NCinc’s Luxury Boxed Gift Set you will receive 3 shades of foundation when you choose Light Medium or Dark! Now as silly as this may sound, the biggest problem that some of you might have is not knowing your skin. When I first started wearing foundation and concealer the only thing I worried about was not looking like a bright orange. I never understood that the shade and formula really works with undertones. It doesn’t matter if you have a light skin tone or a dark skin tone you will have to take into consideration the undertones on your skin if you really want to find the perfect match that will even out your skin tone.

For example, some of you may notice have blotches of red on your skin and some of you may be looking in the mirror right know and can see a slight yellow undertone on your face. However you can be very lucky and have neutral undertones, meaning that you don't have any overtones that are obvious. Having neutral undertones makes it a lot easier for someone to find matching shades, however it is still a struggle to get a shade close to your exact skin tone. This blog still applies to you even if you do have neutral tones!

You will find on NCinc’s foundation colour guide under the shades there is an explanation that will help guide you to find a shade that will even out your skin tone and have a flawless makeup look . Are you going to try NCinc’s mineral foundation and find your perfect match?