How to cover acne scars with Mineral Makeup


Loving makeup and suffering with acne or acne scars is such a big battle! Finding makeup formulas that really work with bumpy red skin is difficult! Everyone's skin is different, it’s frustrating when you aren’t able to cover acne with your foundation or you apply so much that your skin dries out and becomes flaky.

Acne scars can cause redness under the skin, which can be a pain to cover the same as blemishes and rosacea. NCinc’s Mineral Green Colour Corrector works wonders! The main purpose of this product is to cancel out any redness on your skin. Once you have prepared your skin for makeup application, before applying foundation, apply the Green Corrector to any red areas on your face. Very gently blend this out in small circular motions. Remember when using the green corrector only use very small amounts as a little goes a long way and NCinc’s products are very pigmented! Once you have applied your foundation you will see the redness disappear. All blemishes and scars will be hidden and you will finally have a full coverage finish!

For extra coverage you can also apply a small amount of Concealer on top of the Green Corrector if you want the ultimate coverage! Remember to set your makeup in place using a finishing powder to keep everything in place!