How to contour using NCinc’s Mineral bronzer

Where do I apply the product? How much do I use? Contouring your face can make some people weary, especially if it’s not done correctly it will not look very flattering! First time contouring can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how much product to use or where to place the product on your face. People contour for different reasons, some do it to make the facial features appear slimmer and some contour just to add warmth to their faces. If you want to attempt to contour for the first time but don't know where to start, just follow my easy guide and you will be an expert in no time! First things first the contour sits on top of your foundation!

So before you grab your Mineral Bronzer go ahead and prep your skin, apply your foundation and we’re ready to go! NCinc’s Mineral Bronzer like all of our products is a buildable formula for you only need to apply a small amount at a time. All of NCinc’s Mineral Jars already come with a sifter to stop you wasting product and for an easier cleaner application.

Firstly you need to know where you want to apply your bronzer, The most common areas to contour are cheekbones, jawline and hairline. Now you have established where you want to apply the product, sift the bronzer in to your Mineral jar dip your brush into the product. Dap the brush gently onto your face to transfer the product and start buffing out the product in circular motions until the product is blended equally. Using circular motions will stop your bonzer from looking patchy.

My advice is to always start in the centre and work your way out. For example applying bronzer to your cheekbones I would start at the apple of my cheeks and blend out towards the hairline. If you want your contour to look more framed add a bit more product and repeat. When applying to your jawline remember to drag the product down to your neck so you aren’t left with a dark line on your neck!