How to conceal dark circles with mineral makeup

How can I conceal under my eyes with only using a powder product? It doesn’t matter if I have 2 hours of sleep or 10 I forever had dark circles under my eyes! Because of this I rely on colour correctors and concealer to hide dark circles, leaving under my eyes bright and ready for the day! I’m going to use this blog to explain the benefits of using Mineral colour correctors!

First let's talk about NCinc’s yellow corrector, a yellow colour corrector is designed to conceal and hide any dark areas on your face and create an even looking skin tone. Most commonly used under the eyes to hide dark circles. The yellow corrector is applied before foundation and any other products, apply a very small amount as NCinc’s Correctors are very pigmented! Blend gently using circular motions and don’t be afraid to add a bit more product if you want a fuller coverage.

Once the corrector is applied you can then go in and apply your foundation and concealer, once you have finished blending you will see the dark circles have disappeared! Your eyes will look bright and your skin tone will look even, remember to set under the eye well to avoid creasing. I hope that my tips have been helpful in achieving a bright under eye look!