How to clean NCinc’s Kabuki Brush

After reading our previous blogs you will know that the best tool to apply Mineral Makeup with is the Kabuki Brush! The dense brush works wonders for blending out loose powder. It’s very important that you regularly clean your kabuki brush, the dense bristles collect a lot of powder and then after time start to store bacteria!. You definitely don’t want to be applying your makeup on to a clean face with a dirty brush, this can cause your skin to breakout! Cleaning your Kabuki Brush is easy and today I will be explaining how to do this in 3 easy steps!

Step 1- Before you start applying your choice or brush cleanser, you need to wet your kabuki brush. Head for your sink and start to run the hot tap, however I would advise you to use warm water as this is better for the bristles and stops you from burning your hand! Place the Kabuki Brush under running water until all the bristles are wet through.

Step 2- Now you need to take your brush cleanser I recommend using an oil based cleanser, great for breaking down makeup. However you can use what you want other people use soap and shampoo! Apply your cleanser to the brush and very gently massage the cleanser into the bristles and clean thoroughly. Remember to use soft hand motions as you don't want to damage your brush.

Step 3- Rinse your Kabuki brush washing out all of the soap and old product. You will know your brush is clean once the water starts to run clear! Now all you need to do is gently squeeze out excess water. You can either dry the brush gently using a towel or leave your brush upside down to dry naturally.

Are you going to start cleaning your brushes more?