How to blend mineral makeup

If you are new to mineral makeup using loose powder as a foundation can be intimidating. One of the biggest questions we receive is “how do we apply and blend out the foundation?” Using loose powder foundation and achieving an even coverage is so much easier than you think!

NCinc’s single jars come with a sifter, the easiest way to pick up the foundation is to tip the product into the lid of the jar. Using NCinc’s Kabuki Brush will give you the most even application possible! Dip the brush into the product in the jar lid tap off the excess and dab the brush onto your face transferring the product, gently blend the foundation in circular motions on your face starting from the inside making your way out. If you want more of a full coverage go back to the lid of your foundation jar and repeat the process all over your face or just the areas you need more coverage. For example if you have any redness on your cheeks or a blemish, repeating the blending process with more product will build up another layer of foundation to achieve full coverage application. Make sure not to forget the jawline, neck and hairline, to achieve an even and natural look!

Our Kabuki Brush can be used with all of our Mineral products. Just remember with powder products they may take a little longer to blend than liquid foundation, but the results are amazing!