How to be eco-friendly with your makeup

Looking to make your beauty routine more planet-friendly? From excessive, non-recyclable packaging to its lack of transparency over ingredients and ethical practices, the beauty industry isn’t exactly known for being particularly eco-friendly. It’s been a longtime coming, but thanks to an increased awareness beauty is finally waking up, with more consumers demanding cleaner, sustainably packaged beauty products. But how do you make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly?

Going plastic free right away is easier said than done right so making just little changes can have a massive impact if we all did the same.

Look for packaging that limits the use of glosses and foils (which are messy to make), avoid metal overshells, fancy packaging add-ons and giant ornate lids. Buy bigger bottles less often, instead of smaller bottles more often. Look for products that are packaged in more simple containers, using recyclable and recycled materials, recycled plastic, and fully recyclable pumps. NC-INC is fully recyclable, with trials going ahead to also improving this further!  Make sure you put a recycling bin inside your bathroom, and ensure your cosmetic containers go into the correct bin.

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