Teach Yourself: How to Apply Mineral Makeup

In this post we will be teaching you how to apply your mineral makeup correctly. If you are used to traditional liquid foundations, using minerals for the first time will take you a little longer but if you follow our tips, with practice you will be an expert in no time at all.


Prepare you skin

Minerals adhere naturally to your skin using your skin's oils. No matter what skin type you have your makeup will always apply a lot easier on a clean, moisturised and primed face. First you should start by using a gentle to wash your face, once your face is clean and dry apply a small layer of moisturiser to your whole face and let it absorb into your skin. Moisturising your face is especially important if you suffer from dry skin. Using a primer is extremely helpful if you suffer from oily skin, the primer helps keep your makeup in place and stops your foundation from separating making your skin look patchy. Apply only a small layer of primer all over your face for a better finish and long lasting makeup.



We have 2 mineral colour corrector's, green and yellow. To apply dip your brush gently into the product and tap any excess into the lid of your jar, then apply a small amount to the area you want covered and gently blend. Our green corrector is great for cancelling out redness on your face! Perfect if you have any blemishes, acne scars or any red patches you want covering up. Where as our yellow corrector covers any dark areas on your face such as dark circles under your eyes and dark patches around the mouth. Both mineral corrector's will hide any imperfections and even out your skin tone! If you have any blemishes then now is when you should apply your concealer for extra coverage, use the same method - small amounts on the concealer with light brush strokes until the blemishes are covered.

Miracle Veil

Our miracle veil is translucent and works on all different skin tones and skin types. You can chose to wear it under or on top of of your foundation. the miracle veils main main purpose is to prove a beautiful finishing touch1 This formula absorbs your skins oils without drying out your face and creates a softer looking appearance of pores and fine lines. To apply empty some product into the lid of your jar and dip your brush into the powder, remember to tap off the excess which will stop you from putting to much product on to your face. Apply in very light strokes and blend in circular motions all over your face. You only need a light layer, a little goes a long way!


To apply our mineral foundation we recommend you to use our

Bronzer & Blusher

Our mineral Bronzer  is very pigmented so remember to use a small amount to start with to make sure the colours don't look to harsh on top of your foundation, if you want a more contoured and defined look then slowly add more product just a little at a time and build it up. When applying, tip some of the product into the lid of your jar then dip your brush into the product and tap off the excess, apply to your cheekbones and blend towards and into the hair line for a natural look. You can also add bronzer to your jawline, forehead and nose to define your features! The blusher should sit on top of your bronzer for a natural rosy cheeked look, apply a very small amount of product to your brush, tap off the excess and smile! Gently blend the blush into the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones just on top of your bronzer for a natural flushed look!