How to apply Mineral Foundation

Switching from traditional liquid foundations to a loose powder based foundation will take some getting used to. The two most important things you will need to keep in mind are preparing your skin and using the right amount of powder. Follow my tips on applying powder foundation and you will soon be an expert!

My first tip for you is to always start with a clean and fresh face for the best finish. Applying layers of makeup on top of an unwashed face is incredibly bad for your skin leading to acne and clogged pores! Preparing your face is the most important step in applying makeup. How you prepare you face will determine how your makeup will look as you are applying and throughout the day. Now you have washed your face, grab your go to moisturiser and apply a generous layer all over and let absorb.

Now you’re ready to start applying your foundation. I recommend you use NCinc’s Kabuki brush, our kabuki brush is dense and soft perfect for a fast but even coverage! Tip the foundation powder into the lid of your jar and swirl your brush into the product allowing the kabuki brush to collect the powder. Before you start applying use the edge of your lid to tap off excess product, applying to much straight away risks you looking cakey! I recommend that you start blending the foundation in the centre of your face then working outwards.. Hold your brush gently and start buffing the foundation into your skin! Using circular motions start building a light layer all over your face. NCinc’s mineral foundation is a buildable formula, meaning you can continue to apply another 2-3 light layers to achieve the coverage you want! If you want a full coverage finish then I recommend repeating the blending process 3 times only using light layers to avoid your skin looking flaky and dry!

Remember to blend the foundation into the hairline, jawline and neck to keep your makeup looking even and natural. I hope these tips guiding you through applying mineral makeup have been helpful! Are you going to try Mineral Foundation?