How to apply mineral eye makeup

Most if not all of you are used to using compressed eyeshadow in a pan. The thought of using an eyeshadow that is loose powder can be scary, especially thinking of the fallout! If not done correctly applying Mineral eyeshadow can be very messy and ruin any base makeup you apply. Follow my easy tips to apply Mineral Eyeshadow and you will be an expert in no time!

Mineral makeup comes in a jar supplied with a sifter stopping you from wasting product. When using Mineral eyeshadow I would advise applying the eyeshadow before your base foundation. First you need to apply a primer to your eye making it the application easier and smoother. Let the primer absorb and you are ready to start applying mineral eyeshadow!The best tool to use to apply the mineral eyeshadow would be a flat brush. Dip the brush into your choice of eyeshadow and tap off excess to avoid a buildup of fall out underneath your eye.

Now you have the product on your brush apply straight to your eyelid, blend until all of your eyelid has an equal layer of eyeshadow. If you want a darker more dramatic look apply some more product and repeat the steps. To achieve a smokey eye look you will need a fluffy blending brush, apply some more eyeshadow but this time in the crease of your eyelid. Using light circular motions blend the product in to the crease then up towards the brow bone. Try NCinc’s Blusher and Bronzer, which can both be used as eyeshadow for a soft pink look to brighten up your eyes!

If there is any fallout under your eye simply use a makeup wipe to get rid of the excess product! Now you have read this blog you’re ready to go away and experiment with Mineral eyeshadow! What shades are you going to use first?