How much mineral makeup to use

How can I apply layers of Mineral Makeup without my skin looking dry and flaky? I understand that some people are weary to use a full face of makeup products that are powder based. We have all had a time where we have over done it on the powder and you skin looking dry and cakey.

I’m here to tell you that this won’t happen to you! Obviously if you apply an excessive amount of powder your makeup will look very cakey. However this is why Ncinc created buildable formulas, to give you the freedom to add as little or as much as you want to create a look that suits you! This goes for all of NCinc’s products, for example our Mineral bronzer. Some of you like a more contoured framed look where as others like a sunkissed glow. It’s all about blending until you’re happy with how your makeup looks.Always start with a light small layer and then you can determine if that is the right coverage for you! Continue to build the product in even layers you achieve the look you want. You will be able to see and feel when you have applied too much powder, follow my product building tips and this won’t happen to you!