Do You Need To Use Primer With Mineral Makeup.


A lot of people use primer under their normal, everyday liquid foundation.

But many people are now switching to mineral makeup!

So now the big question is should you use your normal primer before putting on your mineral makeup like you would with any other makeup?


The answer is no, you do not have to use primer before applying mineral products to your face.


Using primer with mineral foundation is actually counterproductive, using it cancels out the performance of the unique blend of minerals. So mineral makeup performs at its best when it is used with a beautifully excellent moisturiser and then spray mist to set it!


Why are primers created?

Primers are amazing for when you are using a non mineral, liquid foundation so it doesn’t slip/creep. We have our own amazing mineral products to set your mineral makeup. We have our mineral veil which is used under or over the top of foundation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

We also have the brilliant finishing powder, which will set your makeup and leave you with a lightweight, breathable and silky formula over your makeup without you feeling like you have tons of layers on. This will keep all your face up still and in place.

Places are starting to think about creating a different primer just for mineral makeup to improve it!

Making a mineral primer could work very well if they are made with the correct ingredients. But the ingredients needed to make mineral primer don’t perform well for long lasting coverage, companies are offering them to smooth the skin and then use some staying power.

It also depends on which primer you use, using a primer everyday can contribute to bouts of acne, primer was made for creating a barrier between your skin and the makeup and this is why it can cause problems with the mineral makeup application. It creates a barrier so it might not allow the minerals to help with your face and it could appear cakey or chalky.


For the best results for makeup. Use our amazing mineral veils powder as a primer. So put this on before you apply your foundation and always make sure to moisturise.