Do I need to wear primer?


Primer, is it really an essential part of your makeup routine? Does it really make a difference? Yes! Primer is up there at the top with essential makeup products that you need in your kit. In this blog I will be sharing benefits of wearing primer with you!

A primers job is to create the perfect base for your makeup application. However, there is more than one primer on the market, there are specific primers for specific skin types. Before you go shopping for a new primer it’s really important that you understand your own skin. For example you may have larger pores, this is where a silicone based primer will help you, the silicone helps fill the pores for a smooth even application and stops bacteria being pushed into your pores making them look even larger!One day you may have realised half way through the day that you have patches of makeup missing from your face or that your Foundation has separated on your nose. This is because you didn’t apply a primer before you applied your makeup. The primer will not only even out your skin tone, make the surface of your face smoother but it will also make your makeup stay on all day. The primer will stop makeup sliding off the surface of your face and stop it from looking patchy and dull. Using a primer will leave you with flawless makeup all day!


Do you think you need a primer in your makeup kit?