Even if you’re not a total beauty junkie, chances are you have heard of highlighting and contouring.The reason these techniques are so popular is because of the results they provide. Highlighting and contouring work together to sculpt and refine your face and enhance the features you love, making them a fun way to play around with different looks, even if it’s just for date night. 

Applying the product

Tutorials can be intimidating and look like you need to use a lot of makeup, but really the most important thing to remember when trying any new makeup technique is you can keep it really simple or go dramatic to get the results you are looking for. I am going to keep this super simple! This weeks lesson will only be to become a master of highlighting. You will have to come back next week for the contour lesson. This gives you a week to become one with the glow.

The purpose of highlighting is to emphasize and bring areas forward. They can be matte or shimmer. Here at NC-INC we love to use shimmer for that extra natural glow! Definitely a big recommendation from us! The best three places to apply a highlighter are: 

  • Under your eyes on your cheekbone.
  • Down to the bridge of your nose.
  • Across the upper apples of your cheeks, just past the outer corners of your eyes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now it's time to practice your new highlighting skills. Post pictures on Instagram of your best highlighter looks from our lesson today. Remember to tag us using @naturalcosmeticsinc
 and #NC-INC-HIGHLIGHT for your chance to be featured on our page!