Autumn Tips!


Goodbye summer, hello Autumn! Who doesn't love Autumn? The dark cold nights and pumpkin spice lattes. My favourite thing about Autumn is the changing colours of the leaves, the orange and browns give me the best inspiration for Autumn makeup looks.  It's time to ditch the bright eye-shadow and lipsticks, I'm ready to see dark smokey looks! In this blog I am going to be giving you some makeup tips as well as overall skin care tips for the cooler weather. If you have never attempted an Autumn look, you can go and check out our blog Easy Mineral Makeup Look For Autumn With NCinc Products.

My first tip for you is a makeup tip! As we all know everyone loves a smokey eye when autumn comes around. NCinc's Mineral Eyeliner is perfect for the soft smokey look you want to achieve. Using the mineral eyeliner along side soft nude eyeshadow shades really completes the soft blended look. To find out how to use NCinc's Mineral Eyeliner you can have a look at our blog New Products for July: Mineral Eyeliner & Illuminating Highlighter.  Another idea would be to use a dark shade of lipstick for example a plum shade would be perfect for a smokey eye look! 


Now when it comes to cold weather I suffer terribly with dry skin! As soon as I apply my foundation and leave the house I notice that my makeup starts to look flaky. Having flaky foundation irritates my skin as well as ruining my makeup, which none of us want after spending lots of time perfecting our makeup look! Something that has helped me personally and that I would recommend to you would be to use a hydrating primer. A hydrating primer will have your skin feeling fresh underneath your makeup. The other benefit of course will be goodbye to flaky skin once you have applied your hydrating primer and foundation.


With the cold weather please remember not to neglect your lips! Especially if like me you are a lipstick lover. A good tip is to always carry around a hydrating lip balm when you are out and about. The cold weather will dry out your lips and if you don't keep them hydrated they will start to crack which is very painful! If you like to wear a matte lipstick always remember to apply lip balm before, to keep your lips smooth and make the application much easier.


I hope you find this blog useful! Are you going to try an Autumn smokey look?