All About NC-INC

Who are NC-INC?

With so many makeup companies out there now it’s easy to feel a little lost. So to help you fully understand we thought we would write a blog all about who we are as a brand and what we stand for! NC-INC. are a new makeup brand who specialise in mineral makeup. Our makeup brand manufactures here in the UK and use only the most natural, organic, minerals which are safe not only on you but to the little friends we share this planet with. We wanted to create a brand which stands up for nothing but good!


About our mineral makeup.

A mineral product by definition has a formula made up of very small minerals such as iron oxides, zinc oxide, talc and titanium oxide. It may sound a little science-y but the massive difference between more traditional products and mineral is that it is natural and organic! Our makeup has built-in SPF to help prevent against any sun damage which in turn reduces wrinkles and guards against skin-cancer. With our mineral makeup your skin can breathe and function normally so will help prevent dehydration. Our foundations are that good for your skin it can help irritated skin acting as an anti-inflammatory and can even be worn after cosmetic surgery.


What skin type does mineral makeup suit?

What is so great about Mineral Makeup is its for EVERYONE! It suits all! Mineral makeup is that amazing it adjusts itself to suit your skin.


Why should you use NC-INC makeup?

There are so many reasons! If you have sensitive skin, blemish-prone skin or irritated skin then mineral makeup can work wonders as it is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores).

If you have combination or oily skin, you’ll be pleased to know that mineral makeup can help absorb excess oil too. Say bye bye to shiny T-zones!


This is who we are.