A Day in the Life of an NC-INC Ambassador team member


Need more information on what is involved in our affiliate program? Then look no further.

My name is Jessi! I am incharge of the affiliate program for NC-INC. I will start with a little bit about me and how i got involved! I am a 25 year old beautician and photographer running my very own small business called jessi lauren! You can visit my website here www.jessilaurenphotography-beautytherapy.com 

With a passion for beauty, excellence, high standards and 9 years experience. Beauty is held with high regard in my heart. I offer a personal yet professional service in a dedicated to the beauty environment with a huge variety of treatments available.  I have always taken great pride in my work and made sure I am constantly updating my skills to ensure my knowledge is up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques available. My number one goal for my clients are for them to enjoy their experience with me and leave feeling amazing. I came across NC-INC. on instagram. I was researching makeup brands I could use for a bridal trial I had coming up. The issue I had was she is eveything vegan. Which is becoming a HUGE thing in this world now and I can see why! I have never tried mineral makeup before and wanted to test it out on myself first. From the day i recieved the products i havent put them down. They followed me up and down the country doing bridal makeups and everyone is loving them! I applied for the program a year ago and loved the freebies i was recieving! The support fom the company was like no other! Not one fault! Fantastic! No question was to big or to silly. 

My love for the company just grew stronger so I was able to carry on doing what I loved doing. It seems so easy to do what I normally do everyday making tutorials, blogs, photos on my socials and to be paid by products I loved! It was no brainer for me! An average day for me creating content all starts with my makeup routine. I video and take photos of my set up first even if i dont use them. i look at my makeup desk and think what would look pretty! Think brushes, lighting, mirrors and textures. a top tip fr creating cpntent is clean the area! having everything shiny and new makes a massive difference! Now we have our before set up its time for my favoutire bit! The makeup! So for this I use my bargin of a ring light from amazon and set it up facing me and the window, Always having the product im creating content for on show even if its just in the background. I then video my whole makeup routine! Do not worry about messing lines up i have done this so many times! Just get comfotable and be yourself.

The most important thing to me is the editing! it changes everything dramatically. I use many different apps depending on what content im creating. For video i love using facetune because who doesnt like whitenin their teeth a little. For placing my videoin correct order and sizing it down for all social platforms i use an app called splice.  If it is photo content i love love love Lightroom! Especially if you use presets! editing photos have never been easier than to use this! You can buy presets from etsy and support other small businesses which makes you feel like you have done a good for the day. Once the editing is done. I post the content or store it for a day I am going to use it. Captions and hashtags are so underrated on getting more interaction from the public. My tips for this would be do you research. It is okay to copy other peoples ideas this is beacuse 9/10 they would of copied the idea from somewhere themselves. So just go bigger and better improve their idea! Dont forget to send the content to the company themselves. This will make the quality of the content better for them. 

It is as easy as that! 

I hope this helps when creating your content, Goodluck you will smash it!