5 Makeup trends you loved


Some of the makeup trends that pop up last for a longer period of time when compared to others. Thats mainly because we fall in love with those makeup trends. Here are few such makeup trends that we love. You can take a look at these makeup trends and see how many of them you still love.

  • Metallic glitter accidents

Metallic glitter accents were a popular makeup trend that we could see back in the year 2019. For example, we could see women having super glittery eyeshadows. This makeup trend has been there before 2019, but it reached its peak popularity during 2019. Now we are in 2021 and we can see how women follow this makeup trend as well. Some the celebrities such as Ariana Grande have fallen in love with this trend. It is making them look really good when performing in public. You can also think about going for it.

  • Full eyebrows

We could see how lots of eyebrow trends popped up in the recent past. Out of those trends, the trend of getting full eyebrows is quite popular and we can still see it trending among people. You will be able to get a clear or light eyebrow gel in order to get fuller eyebrows. However, this was replaced by the outlining eyebrows. This trend was prominent on social media. We could see how celebrities such as Gal Gadot wore such fuller looking eyebrows and uploaded photos on social media.

  • Bright looking eyes

There was a trend among people to go ahead with an alternative to the traditional smokey looking eyes with the use of eyeshadows. This made the eyes look mainstream as well. you can call this a perfect example of a makeup trend that people love. Thats because the single bright color of eyes could make them look outstanding. These bright eyes dont just come along with eyeshadow and eyeliner. They also come along with bold mascara. For example, ladies with fair skin tones preferred going ahead with Cobalt blue mascara. This was a popular trend that most of the women embraced. Hence, we can call it a perfect example of a makeup trend that we love.

  • Clean looks

To go ahead with glowing and natural skin, we could see how women embraced clean makeup products. Here, the definition of "clean" refers to hypoallergenic, vegan, sustainable, clean, and organic makeup products. To cater to the demand for clean makeup products, we could even see how a large number of new brands popped up. The popularity of using clean makeup products is increasing along with time. People who are using these makeup products are not just concerned about the protection they receive but are also concerned about the positive environmental impact created. You can feel good about following this trend because you are not putting any harmful or toxic chemicals on your skin.

  • Glowing skin

Getting glowing skin was something that we could see women doing in the recent past. This makeup trend was able to replace the trend of getting a matter foundation that offers full coverage. As of now, women are quite interested in getting luminous skin or glass skin. This is a makeup trend that women love, and we can expect it to last for a long period of time as well.

You can simply follow any of these makeup trends and stick to them.