3 essential NC-INC must haves in your make-up bag.


Lets your skin breathe a sigh of relief. Mineral make-up is often associated with not being able to achieve a finish that’s as smooth as traditional, non-mineral based formulas – but there are a few options that refute this. They obviously havent tried our 3 NC-INC essentials!


Mineral Foundation.

It’s super lightweight, you can build up coverage from sheer to full and it leaves a luminous glowy finish. The most satisfying part? When you buff the powder in the lid beforehand it turns into an almost creamy texture. It’s the powder that doesn’t look like you’re wearing powder.

Mineral Concealer

For the days where you don’t want to drown your face in foundation. It’s really long-lasting and easy to blend out. NC-INC concealer provides sheer-to-medium coverage.

Mineral Highligter

This highlighter leaves a subtle, non-cakey highlighted look. It’s a really smooth texture, feels extremely lightweight and leaves a glowy finish.