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  1. Makeup Looks Inspired By Movie Characters


    Find your favorite movie character here and recreate their look!

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  2. Our Top 5 Easy Eyeliner Looks.


    Struggling to do eyeliner? Here we will cover our top 5 easy eyeliner looks and how to do them step by step! You will soon know which eyeliner look is best for you and how to do it perfect every time. 

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  3. What Is Concealer For, Should I Be Using It?












    Concealer helps cover unwanted pimples and imperfections on the skin, when applied correctly it can really help highlight and elevate your face. Our mineral concealer does just that, whilst being kind to your skin and free from nasty chemicals! Here we will give you some top tips for using mineral concealer and the different types out there!


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  4. How To Massage Your Face For Better Circulation


    Don't know how to properly massage your face? We're here to guide you!

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  5. How To Make Your Face Look Good On Camera

    beautiful woman taking selfie on phone

    Do you want to look good on camera? We got you!

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  6. Overly Hyped Makeup Products You Should Avoid

    portrait of a beautiful young woman

    Take note of the following skincare and makeup products to avoid!

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  7. TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth The Hype

    attractive woman watching on her phone

    Discover some of the most popular Beauty Trends on TikTok nowadays!

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  8. Makeup Looks To Compliment Hooded Eyes

    womans eye with black eye makeup

    Do you have hooded eyes? Read more for some makeup looks!

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  9. Iconic Makeup Looks From Every Decade

    white woman standing outside in a coat and looking at camera

    These iconic makeup looks are shocking yet fascinating! 

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  10. 7 Makeup Mistakes and How To Fix Them

    beautiful black woman with makeup

    Find out how to fix the 7 most common makeup mistakes here! 

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